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  • 04 февраля 2010, 08:06
  • meimei
Used to stick to one's lonely, it is not what you expect results? When the darkness engulfed me again and again, you have no sense of my helplessness and loss?

Do not cry in front of others I have tried to disguise the strong, but there is always a lot of disguise when people feel suffocated. Do not cry, they still will be subject to grievance, when a man hiding secretly crying. But they do not want to let you know that this is not a sad thing between us then?

HappinessFeeling always so short, too late to catch it will be lodged in accordance with the acting, but the lonely world of talk has always been in the hand grip heart, how are persistent! Every day we are in for the so-calledHappinessToil constantly rushing forward, but one day, but at the bottom of my heart deep doubts about our paid is not worth it? People's lives rapidly changing, and we will watch to what we wantHappiness? Often wake up in the middle of the night, a man inexplicably to grief, inexplicable irritability, inexplicable anxiety, inexplicable resentment...... However, what is the use? Maybe in my sleep at night when you are wandering in your dreams.

Think sometimes feel redundant, funny! In your eyes is not this like? Insomnia, but also insomnia, when I pick up the phone again and again, do not know that should not bother you, I do not want to pitiful way to get someone else's mercy, even the people closest to oneself. I was so stubborn, can not be changed, and never want to change. I would rather stick to live in my own loneliness, but also do not want to be anybody's burden. Excited, to laugh, a portrait, like a fool to laugh, sad when you cry, crying, like a portrait idiot, what is it? Loneliness, helplessness, feelings of these people were all too pale frame of mind so that they are hell!

Just does not matter that she was still following the original itself? Do not think you are bad, do not think you are good and not worrying about the watch for you, should you not be a harm to do? I was like a floating dust so thick in the deep darkness of night, the drop will find its own place……

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