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  • 04 февраля 2010, 08:08
  • meimei
LifeHow much regret, we have many happy event. But every thing, more or less would have left us a memorable moment.
Each time together, there will be a good time to stay in the depths of memory. I loved beloved friends, we work together and common-looking young manDream. Familiar place, familiar footsteps, a familiar figure, the number of young agitation of the heart, where met with efforts to fight together. Together, there are too many topics, parting and speaks not finish. Although the remote isolation, but our hearts have never been separated. When there is no angular peaks, when the sun is not rising, when the heavens and the earth into a virtual yes, I still can not break up with you, your smile is the biggest of my life waiting. A common language for us to bridge the pure mind, with a world,DreamWings in flight.
Wake up after midnight, we do not have tears, because there have been wonderful; we do not have disappointed, because after diversification will be gathered; we are still happy, because the young at heart are not afraid of failure; our hearts together, walked all the ups and downs.
  YouthTheDream, How much passion, how bold, how much sweat, how many tears, how many of melancholy, how helpless, how many regrets, how much love, hand in hand……
When the ear is not the familiar sounds, when the side is not a familiar figure, when the present is not familiar with the road, we have still toYouthDream pregnant heart. Reality and goals, are important, loneliness and applaud also the needs of this world's fair, everyone at ease the heart, step by step, tomorrow will be better.
Wind and rain, accompanied by a friend's heart from time to time……

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