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Why not return to Shandong Shanghai? You speak Shanghai dialect is not really listening to Shandong Jane has…… but that does not speak in Shandong, then north, then she seems not to listen to understand.

That «Elder brother» is a talkative person, and the people around laughing, exultant, and sometimes the carriage of Health issued to many happy and harmonious atmosphere. Suddenly heard a burst of laughter H Hall, Jane did not understand, ask: «what matter the body?» Man, said: «Elder brother limelight, Chennai (take) money to (a) Iraq (they) spy (see)…… »

As the train Benz, almost night time, we will sleep. I do not know how much time, I suddenly struck by a gust woke to the sound window.

The original car, and with the sound of knocking the window and looked out the bright lights, is a big station, close to the car window has three panes face, are «black hats.» One shouted: «window! Window!» Man sitting opposite me reach out to open the window, just listen to the outside and roared: «What does that do?» Who do not know what is, so no one answered. That «black hat» added: «That woman, do? Lying in your arms doing?»

Then we came to realize, looking back, because Jane was asleep, and upper body will rely on her husband's legs. «Black hat» asked: «woman do? Down! Down!» Man will head out to explain, «black hat» look grabbed his collar: «Come down!» Man, said: «It was my wife…… just fell asleep…… „“ black hat „did not listen, then shouted:“ Damn! nonsense! „Then, according to Pa Pa Pa fan his face from the slap in the face while playing side of the curse:“ Your wife? you When his mother married? witness people? out of a marriage certificate to see! Damn, your kid is too much for men and women embrace doing? molesting women, the decency, you bring me down! „

The man was beaten senseless, I do not know why. Then my brother said some visitors: “Express money ah!» This brother wake up and quickly took out his pile of money handed out, and he kept apologizing: «Sorry, sorry, he was young and naive… ...» " black hat «took note grunted This relaxed hand, just when the train has started. The carriage was cursing: „What kind of morals you?!“ „There are people way out it?“ Phase, as furious brothers, Jane is countersunk Wuwuyanyan cry.

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