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  • 22 октября 2012, 13:25
  • linxi123
ALIENS Illustration

Hey all, Back again. As usual, it's been a nutty time since my last post. Trying to balance a ton but in between all of said balancing, managed to finally finish a digital painting i've been doing on and off for some time. The goal with this and my work on the poster for «UNDOCUMENTED», was to start bringing my training in Discount Wholesale Sunglasses painting to my graphic art. Usually, I'd opt for simpler compositions and visuals (stickler for the iconic silhouettes) but I really wanted to bring this film to life with a sense of depth and Wholesale Designer Sunglasses intensity. I felt I wouldn't get that emotion, that «fire» I know so well from the epic film. This film always acted as an inspiration on many levels and i'm happy Discount Sunglasses For Sale to have brought it to life in my own vision. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it. :)

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