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LifeHow much regret, we have many happy event. But every thing, more or less would have left us a memorable moment. Each time together, there will be a good time to stay in the depths of memory. I loved beloved friends, we work together and common-looking young manDream. Familiar place, familiar footsteps, a familiar figure, the number of young agitation of the heart, where met with efforts to fight together. Together, there are too many topics, parting and speaks not finish. Although the remote isolation, but our hearts have never been separated. When there is no angular peaks, when the sun is not rising, when the heavens and the earth into a virtual yes, I still can not break up with you, your smile is the biggest of my life waiting. A common language for us to bridge the pure mind, with a world,DreamWings in flight. Wake up after midnight, we do not have tears, because there have been wonderful; we do not have disappointed, because after diversification will be gathered; we are still happy, because the young at heart are not afraid of failure; our hearts together, walked all the ups and downs.   YouthTheDream, How much passion, how bold, how much sweat, how many tears, how many of melancholy, how helpless, how many regrets, how much love, hand in hand…… When the ear is not the familiar sounds, when the side is not a familiar figure, when the present is not familiar with the road, we have still toYouthDream pregnant heart. Reality and goals, are important, loneliness and applaud also the needs of this world's fair, everyone at ease the heart, step by step, tomorrow will be better. Wind and rain, accompanied by a friend's heart from time to time……...
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Блог им. meimei → Happiness Caprice

As peopleLifeConditions getting better and better, now some people are saying that «Why is a family rich, and pocketbook drums, and theyHappinessFeeling can not find a »?«HappinessWhat is? „Why are some people in the family is not wealthy, the husband and wife Enenaiai, family and harmony Harmony, his face covered with a smiling,HappinessFeeling written on his face, enjoying their grandchildren. CanLifeRich, butHappinessThe feeling can not find out? In fact, theHappinessIs not material wealth, she is a kind of feeling, is a kind of spiritual pleasure.HappinessWhat is? “Some people say thatHappinessIs to have money and beauty; Some people say thatHappinessIs a process, a feeling; was also stated that health isHappiness, Normal heart would beHappiness. However, the more people believe thatHappinessIs the dedication, is to pay, is to create, is to give, is simple, be happy. To this end,HappinessFeeling and quality of people, situation, environment, require the. Do you have a normal heart, the result is theHappiness健康. Basic necessities, the necessities of survival, over-pursuit, I am afraid will be counterproductive. In order to eat as an example: Today,LifeWell, a lot of people have got the „three high“ sort of disease, between jokes: are eating out of problems. Can be seen live simple, burden on the less healthy are more open-minded and more enjoyable. Consider also, how many things I am not from your welcome to, Tuibeihuanzhan wine on the table begin? Entertainment, whether it's public and private business, how many things become complicated. Should the yes: or a bowl of delicious meals, his wife accompanied with the child in the night wandering around, or offering of a Jacuzzi book, in the desk lamp before the retreat, even if simple, but also comfortable, at ease.LifeIs really too short too short, life can not stand the consumption, life-time needs special treasure. „When a painting to stay two-thirds empty, angry, along hair.“LifeAlso need to blank the need to give up, only income. From the perspective of life's great looking down, which contrary, a complete and perfect. WealthHappinessLifeThe foundation, but not the only one. „Riches and honor Mo insist, demand that fragmentation becomes a shame.“ You do not have comparisons greed, deliberately seeking, as long as have a sense of balance, pushing forward with the accumulation of wealth, so that „take the right path, with the proper way“, only peace of mind. The pain is more out of,HappinessIs the treasure out. The more we care about, the more psychologically unbalanced; more unbalanced, the more trouble, this has become not so calmly, troubles such as rattan, tightly wound to live your life the tree could have a more vibrant, verdant of the dendrite, so that it not a natural born, was too much fuss about reducing out fragrant and beautiful. Days to give people simpleHappiness, LuxuryLifeGive people trouble.ReasonYuhenantian may lie in the weakness of human nature as „Jie-ren-yi,“ where the poem written by „run around all day only for the hungry before an they think of a saturated clothing. 2 as both food and clothing and props, and want to Jiaorong beautiful wife.“ He Department is at the end of it? Does not lie in the hearts of the terrible anguish, but anguish dominated, and eventually should not stretch out the hand. Everywhere there is human multiplication and division. Should not have been received, night path more, it is inevitable to encounter, unfortunately, you can say life will be safeHappinessDo?   HappinessQuietlyInspirationalBeing.HappinessIs not a big break and become rich, but also the non-volatility,HappinessIs as quiet as an old ox dedication, the same as Gou, „Revival“, in misery and frustration, in the confusion and perplexity, the non-discouraged apathetic, Directors immortality of the heart, Bing would not fall in the concept, in the suffering will hone their own and exercise their abilities Kujinganlai isHappiness。   HappinessIn the realization of his own values into.HappinessEnjoyment, is the unexpected realize their value. Such as the first article was published, the first to mobilize, the first promotion, the first award-winning, etc., only diligence and effort people have accidentally captured numerous first time, so many accidents, the first time is to be expected for the first time, because there must be accumulated leap leap is also expectedHappiness。   HappinessIn the pursuit of being flat hint. Working With the new improvement,LifeWith the increase, with a warm home, have a quiet house, with a lovely child, and lived a Cuchadanfan day, quietly modest man, doing things safely, flat faint toLifeIs the largestHappiness. Oh yes, human life is not possible are all-powerful, earthshaking, flat faintLife, Is the most so true, like a river flows slowly, even if the water waves of its own is not lifting a beautiful warm side.HappinessIn the tireless pursuit of being. Tireless pursuit, the pursuit ofLifeQuality improvements, the pursuit of new ideas work, the pursuit of a happy family well-being, the pursuit ofLifeOwn value in the tireless pursuit of having fun, sentimentHappinessIs this not a kind ofHappiness。   HappinessIn bit by bit into thin body odor.HappinessBy using mind and calmly greater feel and taste, any carelessness, and Xin Fu air dry will not work, memoriesLifeEvery detail, experienceLifeEach fragment, enjoy the years of each course can be the same as the tea Zhuojiu GanwudaoHappinessEssence.   HappinessPeace in their lives into. Ping Zhi Qianjin. Cherish peace and create peace. Southeast Asia experienced a sudden earthquake or tsunami has been engulfed hundreds of thousands of people and China's coal mine disaster events, traffic accidents, really makes people piercing pain!LifeIs short, life is valuable, and his peace, is the biggestHappiness. Think of our lives, what is the most valuable, not money, not power and status, but the most ordinary security. Our farewell when each other a treasure, treasure addition to share of affection than is security. Security isLifeIs concerned, is definitely a heavy, if Qian-word. For a family, everyone is safe and sound, is a most warm; for society as a whole, safety, security is one of the most perfect harmony and stability. Pinganshifu, with it, you can steadily and surely to achieveLifeSelf-worth and enjoy the beautifulLife. „I'm happy because I am safe, I am safe, I loveLife. “We must treasure around the peaceful andLifeTreasure carefreeHappiness. Ping is the onlyLifeThe greatest blessings ah!   HappinessIs among the strings of beading. WhenLifeAll the suffering, confusion, frustration, joy, excitement, excitement beads strung together to form one, and you will find this is a priceless beads, concentratedLifeEssence, distribution ofLifeCharmHappinessIs one such deposited byLifeWealth, with so much wealth,LifeHappinessThus self-evident.   HappinessIs a human being dull day. Always keep a quiet happy heart, to fitness, toReading, To travel, to be friends, doing what they like to do, and enjoyLifeGiven the gift of life given to sentiment Ze-hui. Can be extended to life unknowingly. »Has a reputation as the world only know the status of a matter of happiness thing, do not know the status of no reputation is the real joy of happiness; cold and hungry people in the world is worrying to know things, do not know no worries about eating no worries about the clothing However, there is some kind of mental pain is real suffering. «The statement of how philosophical ah! OrdinaryLife, Normal work, plainLife, Calm day, is theLifeHappinessEssence....
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Блог им. meimei → Stick to a person's loneliness

Used to stick to one's lonely, it is not what you expect results? When the darkness engulfed me again and again, you have no sense of my helplessness and loss? Do not cry in front of others I have tried to disguise the strong, but there is always a lot of disguise when people feel suffocated. Do not cry, they still will be subject to grievance, when a man hiding secretly crying. But they do not want to let you know that this is not a sad thing between us then? HappinessFeeling always so short, too late to catch it will be lodged in accordance with the acting, but the lonely world of talk has always been in the hand grip heart, how are persistent! Every day we are in for the so-calledHappinessToil constantly rushing forward, but one day, but at the bottom of my heart deep doubts about our paid is not worth it? People's lives rapidly changing, and we will watch to what we wantHappiness? Often wake up in the middle of the night, a man inexplicably to grief, inexplicable irritability, inexplicable anxiety, inexplicable resentment...... However, what is the use? Maybe in my sleep at night when you are wandering in your dreams. Think sometimes feel redundant, funny! In your eyes is not this like? Insomnia, but also insomnia, when I pick up the phone again and again, do not know that should not bother you, I do not want to pitiful way to get someone else's mercy, even the people closest to oneself. I was so stubborn, can not be changed, and never want to change. I would rather stick to live in my own loneliness, but also do not want to be anybody's burden. Excited, to laugh, a portrait, like a fool to laugh, sad when you cry, crying, like a portrait idiot, what is it? Loneliness, helplessness, feelings of these people were all too pale frame of mind so that they are hell! Just does not matter that she was still following the original itself? Do not think you are bad, do not think you are good and not worrying about the watch for you, should you not be a harm to do? I was like a floating dust so thick in the deep darkness of night, the drop will find its own place……...
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